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REFINE THE DETAILS of your campaign with one of our Campaign Managers including the selection of your favourite influencers from a list provided. We will work with you at this stage to finalise the terms of the campaign brief including posting requirements and guidelines.

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Sit back and relax whilst we CREATE MATCHES and confirm the influencers to ensure they have a mutual desire to work with your brand and on the terms agreed.

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Once MATCHED, we will email you an invoice to coordinate payment.

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Upon receipt of payment, we will LOCK IT IN providing you with the influencer’s postal address and information required to coordinate the campaign. We will then work closely with the influencers upon receipt of the product to create posts that best showcase your brand organically to bring about brand awareness, online traffic and sales.

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WATCH your campaign come to life and witness the LOVE & SUCCESS of an influencer marketing campaign!

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Gushcloud Talent Agency is your one stop agency to connect models, social media influencers, and celebrities with brands. Our team carries out exceptional projects and collaborations so brands know that their campaigns are in good hands.


Gushcloud Talent Agency operates under the umbrella of our holding company Gushcloud International.

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