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JesssFam’s Blended Family Of 9 Is “Just The Right Mix Of Chaos And Love”

Updated: Jan 10

From Cinderella to Snow White to The Parent Trap, so many of our stories feature stepparents who are unloving, conniving, and even outright evil. The cruel stepmother/stepfather–sometimes paired with equally cruel stepsiblings–is a fictional figure so familiar it’s probably become a tired trope for some viewers. But for the many, many children and adults who are already part of blended families (or will be in the future), it can almost seem like a warning that they’ll never have the kind of happy life a “traditional” family does.

Jessica Skube, her partner Chris, and their close-knit blended family are here to prove otherwise. To their 2015 marriage, Jessica brought daughter Lilia, son Landen, and twins Kyson and Kaden, and Chris brought his boys Caden and Tommy. In 2016, they welcomed their seventh child, daughter Addelyn. To say they have a full house is an understatement–and it’d also be an understatement to say that with such a large family, things can get just a little complicated.

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